A dental bridge is a fixed, removable replacement for one or more missing teeth. The artificial tooth (or teeth) is supported by placing dental crowns on the two teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. The bridge can also be anchored to a dental implant. When you visit our dental office in Columbia, Mississippi, Dr. Humphries may recommend a dental bridge in order to:

  • Improve your facial appearance and volume
  • Prevent other teeth from shifting in the mouth
  • Restore your ability to chew, eat, and speak
  • Enhance your smile

Dental bridges are created from porcelain and other tooth-colored materials to ensure that your restoration looks and feels natural. Your custom bridge will be created and fitted to your smile in just a few visits to our dental office. If you are missing one or more teeth, please call Tony L. Humphries DMD PA today to learn more about dental bridges and your other options for improving the function and beauty of your smile!